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Methods To Improve Your Supply Chain Strategy
June 28, 2021
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August 2, 2021

Questions To Ask Your Cleanroom Packaging Supplier

The relationship you maintain with your cleanroom packaging supplier is long-lasting and must be built on trust. To make sure your partner is right for you, try these questions to ask your cleanroom packaging supplier. If you are satisfied with their answers, you should have confidence moving forward.


What Packaging Options Do You Have?

As you would at the beginning of any working relationship, you want to understand the full breadth of available options your cleanroom packaging supplier can offer. Beyond the simple facts of their own capabilities, your supplier should be able to elaborate on the materials, specifications, and equipment capabilities.

When you ask this question, you are not just looking to understand the variety of options available—you also want to pay attention to how the supplier answers. If they sell cleanroom polyethylene bags, they should be prepared to speak at length about cleanroom polyethylene bags. Can they give you in-depth explanations of their capabilities? By asking this question, you can gauge your partner’s preparedness and professionalism.


How Do You Judge the Quality of Your Work?

Quality is paramount when choosing a cleanroom packaging vendor. Your products are valuable and the packaging that protects them should meet and exceed your specifications. Anyone can say that their “cleanroom bags are up to industry standards.” But vague answers like that do not really tell you anything. When you are preparing questions to ask your cleanroom packaging supplier, be ready to press them on subjects related to their capabilities, quality, cleanliness levels, and warehousing capabilities. Have they ever been audited? These are fair, important questions that business owners should always feel comfortable asking.

The products at Pristine Clean Bags® are managed with the utmost care and attention. Based on our decades of experience in cleanroom packaging, we know what people should look for in their supplier. We strive to meet that standard.


Pristine Cleanroom Bags are manufactured according to the highest quality standards in the environmental control packaging industry. We provide the following cleanroom materials: shrink film, barrier bags, high and low-density polyethylene, nylon, tear notches, easy-open, zip lock, printed, sheeting, anti-static, FEP. Pristine Cleanroom Bags also has custom cleanroom resin blends. Our cleanroom packaging items are supported by an ISO-certified quality system and continuous environmental monitoring.

Our global supply chain enables us to support our customer’s facilities within the US and Europe. In addition, our unique strategic sourcing ability allows us to offer cleanroom bags and films at prices that are 20-30% below the US and EU markets. Call customer support at (410) 581-0303 – our experts will be happy to answer any questions about tubing, films and bags for cleanrooms.

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