Our cleanroom poly bags are manufactured from virgin, non-animal origin and surfactant-free materials in a controlled environment. We offer peace of mind knowing that our materials are FDA and EU-compliant.

Pristine Cleanroom Bags maintain the highest level of traceability and conformance to meet your specifications of cleanroom bags, tubing and cleanroom polyethylene film needs. As a reputable cleanroom packaging supplier, Pristine Clean Bags® is proud to be a leader in quality, customer service and on-time delivery. Our cleanroom film and bags are ready whether your industry is life sciences, biopharma, healthcare, electronics, or aerospace.


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Jarrett Industries is a 42-year-old packaging company based in Owings Mills, Maryland, focusing on cleanroom packaging. We have the experience and knowledge to fulfill all your needs regarding clean room packaging.
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We have proven international supply chain programs such as consignment, JIT and VMI operating in our European and US warehouses. Our programs will seamlessly integrate into your supply chain.


Our strategic sourcing ability give us an advantage over the competition. As a result, we offer pricing 20-30% below the US and EU markets. Call our customer support today and learn how to save huge on cleanroom packaging supplies.
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Pristine cleanroom bags are manufactured in a certified ISO Class 5 cleanroom environment with full traceability and documentation. We are ISO 14001:2015 certified and we maintain the highest level of conformance and traceability to meet your specifications.


Our cleanroom bags and tubing line are manufactured from virgin, surfactant-free, non-animal origin and never re-used materials. Have peace of mind knowing that our materials meet the highest standards in environmental control packaging and are FDA- and EU-compliant.
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Our unmatched quality and supply chain management makes Pristine Clean Bags® ideal for any industry utilizing clean room packaging. We offer custom-tailored cleanroom products to meet all your specification whether your industry is.

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  • HDPE bags
  • LDPE bags
  • Antistatic & ESD cleanroom bags
  • Custom zip closure cleanroom bags
  • Cleanroom tubing, sheeting & individual cut bags
  • Laminated structures
  • Multi-layer structures
  • Cleanroom Pouch
  • Nylon/PE cleanroom bags
  • Easy tear features and formulated structures
  • FEP, Aclar, PTFE
  • Drum & bin liners
  • Laminated barrier films
  • Co-extrusions


We stock a wide range of products for adequate storage and sample handling in a cleanroom environment. All our cleanroom bags, poly tubing and films are produced in a certified controlled environment. We use only virgin resins, never regrind, thereby mitigating contamination risks and meeting FDA and EU compliance. If you have any technical questions, please call our customer support or submit the contact form.



LDPE (low-density polyethylene) poly bags by Pristine Clean Bags® are a perfect choice for general-purpose cleanroom applications. They have excellent strength, moisture barrier, and clarity. Our LDPE poly bags are manufactured in an ISO-controlled environment (cleanroom ISO class 5, 6, 7) and certified to IEST-STD 1246D. Learn more or order LDPE bags online.

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LDPE Easy Tear Bags

We made our LDPE bags even better! The easy tear formulation allows technicians to quickly open the bag with gloved hands, avoiding potential damage caused by knives, blades and scissors. The addition of tear notches to the sides of a bag can be used to create an easy tear bag, eliminating the use of sharps to open the bags. Easy Tear LDPE bags are also available with or without re-closable zippers and in multiple thicknesses. They are certified clean to IEST-STD 1246D. Learn more or order online.

HDPE bags


High-density polyethylene is best utilized when you need cleanroom bags that are puncture resistance, tensile strength, temperature resistance and moisture barriers. They can be used to package heavy items safely and effectively. HDPE is durable in a wide temperature range. HDPE bags are manufactured in an ISO-certified cleanroom and certified clean to IEST-STD 1246D. Get more information about HDPE bags.

Naylon-PE Bags

Nylon/PE Cleanroom Bags

Nylon/PE cleanroom bags are transparent, puncture-resistant, scuff-resistant, and robust. The easy tear feature allows technicians to quickly open the nylon/PE cleanroom bag with gloved hands, avoiding potential damage caused by knives, blades, and scissors. Like other Pristine Clean Bags ®, nylon/PE cleanroom bags are manufactured in an ISO-certified cleanroom and certified to IEST-STD 1246D. Learn more about Nylon/PE bags.

Cleanroom Tubing

Cleanroom Poly Tubing

When individually cut cleanroom polyethylene bags are not suitable for your products, Pristine Clean Bags offers cleanroom poly tubing. Poly tubing is used for products that are longer in length or packing the same product continuously. Our poly tubing is stable for gamma irradiation sterilization processes. Along with competitive pricing, we offer custom poly tubing widths and thicknesses options. More about cleanroom poly tubing.

Moisture-Barrier Film

Moisture-Barrier Film

Moisture-barrier film is used for products that require the utmost protection from moisture vapor (MVTR) and oxygen transmission (OTR). The composition is Nylon/Foil/Polyethylene. It is a strong, opaque film with a distinctive foil appearance. This film does not have any static dissipative coating, which minimizes outgassing and non-volatile residue. It’s produced in a certified controlled environment (Cleanroom ISO class 5, 6, 7). Follow this link for more info about the moisture-barrier film.


Our cleanroom bags and films are used throughout many industries, from life science to aerospace. If you are looking for safe cleanroom packaging supplier, look no further than Pristine Clean Bags®.


  • 21 CFR177.1520(c), paragraph 2.2 compliant
  • European Commission (EU) No 10/2011 compliant as of 4/9/2012.
  • Components of animal origin have not been knowingly added to this product.
  • This product is not manufactured with any of the Substances on Very High Concern (SVHC).
  • Complies with the requirements of Article 4.1 of EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)
  • This product is not intentionally manufactured with Bisphenol A, natural rubber, natural latex Phthalates, Fluorotelomers, Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) or Perfluoro octane sulfonate (PFC)
  • Complies with California Proposition 65


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