Cleanroom Bags: What Are They and What Are They Used for?
Cleanroom Bags: What Are They and What Are They Used for?
April 22, 2021
nylon cleanroom packaging
Advantages and Applications of Nylon Cleanroom Packaging
June 11, 2021

A look into what cleanroom poly tubing is used for yields a surprising number of applications. Benefiting from its ability to stretch to the length of a plethora of items, cleanroom poly tubing allows for the safe, sterile containment and shipping of items needed for the medical field, academia, the automotive field, and many other industries.

What Is Poly Tubing?

Made from 100 percent virgin low-density polyethylene, cleanroom poly tubing is sold in large rolls that resemble oversized Scotch tape. Unlike tape, however, poly tubing opens at its mouth, which allows people to put items lengthwise into the tube and continually unfurl it (the tubing) from the roll until the entire item is encapsulated.

Once the item is completely covered, it can be cut from the rest of the roll and heat sealed, stapled, or taped in place. Its durability, strength, and ease of handling allows cleanroom poly tubing to do its job: protecting valuable items from particulates and other compromising substances.

Applications in the Medical Field

Cleanroom poly tubing finds a use in any area that requires the sanitary handling of sensitive materials. In medicine, where tools need to be packaged using the most careful attention to sterility, cleanroom poly tubing can be counted on to ship and store lifesaving equipment, including surgery tools used by doctors, catheters, and many other items found in hospitals.

Applications in the Automotive Field

In the automotive industry, a small amount of dust on the parts could damage a vehicle as it is being built. In order to avoid contamination, car manufacturers can ship and store parts in cleanroom poly tubing. This cuts back on the possibility of contamination and make for safer, better-built vehicles in the long run.

Applications in Academia

Cleanroom poly tubing is used for applications with academia as well. Anywhere you are likely to find a cleanroom, you are likely to find cleanroom poly tubing. In academic settings, where experiments require that scientists eliminate any outside agents that could compromise their results, biologists and chemists store and ship their testing materials using cleanroom tools, including poly tubing.