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Cleanroom Poly Tubing: What It Is and What It’s Used For
May 5, 2021
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Methods To Improve Your Supply Chain Strategy
June 28, 2021

Advantages and Applications of Nylon Cleanroom Packaging

Very often when a company or institution needs to make an item resistant to the elements, they turn to cleanroom packaging. Once you realize the many advantages and applications of nylon (Polyamide or PA) cleanroom packaging, you will begin to see its uses everywhere. The next time you visit a hospital, or get in a car, or turn on your computer, you will know that nylon cleanroom packaging helped in making that possible.

Advantages of Nylon Cleanroom Packaging

Nylon cleanroom packaging is an effective, heat-sealable plastic film for the long-term packaging of critical parts. Nylon can withstand elevated temperatures, is oil and grease-resistant, helps to eliminate friction tears, and is extremely puncture resistant)

Nylon is an FDA-approved material that has impressive oxygen and moisture barrier properties. Simply put, nylon is a great material for protecting parts from the outside environment. Its uses are widespread, spanning multiple industries.


There are pieces of a computer that should not be handled by bare skin. Memory modules, graphics cards, processors, and many more need to be held with gloved hands and transported carefully. For this reason, nylon cleanroom bags are often used by industries working in electronics to ship and house their most precious cargo.


When a pharmaceutical company creates a new vaccine or drug, they rely on cleanroom packaging to ensure everything has been shipped to the consumer without a risk for contamination. Among the many advantages and applications of nylon cleanroom packaging, perhaps this is the most vital, as the proper maintenance of pharmaceutical shipping is necessary for public health.


In the automotive industry, parts from all corners of the world assemble to build an incredibly intricate machine. For a car to run at its most efficient, it is essential that none of the parts be tampered with. A stray hair or finger grease on the wrong item could create problems down the road. To avoid these headaches, the automotive industry uses cleanroom packaging to store and ship their parts.

Pristine Cleanroom Bags are manufactured according to the highest quality standards in the environmental control packaging industry. We provide the following cleanroom materials: shrink film, barrier bags, high and low-density polyethylene, nylon, tear notches, easy-open, zip lock, printed, sheeting, anti-static, FEP. Pristine Cleanroom Bags also has custom cleanroom resin blends. Our cleanroom packaging items are supported by an ISO-certified quality system and continuous environmental monitoring.

Our global supply chain enables us to support our customer’s facilities within the US and Europe. In addition, our unique strategic sourcing ability allows us to offer cleanroom bags and films at prices that are 20-30% below the US and EU markets. Call customer support at (410) 581-0303 – our experts will be happy to answer any questions about tubing, films and bags for cleanrooms.

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